The saddest one thing in our running world has happened today at the running of the Boston Marathon. Two bombs went off at the finishing line. Two people have died and dozens more are injured. One picture I saw had the race clock at 4:09. The time frame where mid-packers would be arriving. This shock brought me to tears.

Dennis Dahl from Orcas was a half-a-mile from the finish line with the bombs exploded. He was unharmed, as was his wife, Bonnie, who was waiting for him.

Jared Dallmann from San Juan Island, finished his Boston race in a time of 3:02 and should have been out of the finish area. I have no “official” word that he is safe, but I am confident that he is.

I will post more concerning our local Boston runners as I can.



Update: confirmed that Jared is safe and sound.