I used to have a yearly tradition of running on New Year’s Eve while the clock struck Midnight.  I always felt that running in the New Year was a good omen for how the year would go; at least in my running world.

My first New Year’s Eve Run happend in 1978 while I was living in Seattle.  The Snohomish Track Club hosted.  We enjoyed each other company while we ran during the late night.  The experience was fun.

Over the years I have done my own New Year’s Eve Run.  Sometimes solo, sometimes with a running buddy or group.  I have had some interesting experiences while doing this.  One year while running by Jensen Shipyard, a couple of boaters, anchored out in the the bay, fired off a few emergency flares.  The sights of these flares parachuting down with the sound of fireworks and gunfire gave the appearance of a scene out of the movie Apocalypse Now.

This New Year’s Eve I will be hosting a small gathering where we will run either four or six miles.  The plan is to leave San Juan Island Fitness at 11:30 pm.  Let me know if you want to join along.