Triple Ripple is just fun to say.  Makes the mouth feel good.  Try saying Triple Ripple, Triple Ripple, Triple Ripple really fast and a smile will surely form on your mouth.  Go ahead, try it.

The Triple Ripple isn’t a mouth exercise.  It’s short for Orcas Island Triple Ripple Trail Running Festival, a two day running experience starting on October 13th and ending on the 14th.  Kind of like Woodstock, but much, much, much smaller, less music and more running.  Childhood friends Susanna Beck and Jen Volmer, both living on Orcas Island, came up with the idea as a great way to promote fun and different running events on Orcas Island.  Beck isn’t a stranger to trail running having heaped some whoop ass on many a trail during her elite running career.  Volmer is a grace full runner herself, she just doesn’t know it.  Together they blended their creativity and talents to come up with a two day running festival that looks and sounds more like a running camp.  All centered on Orcas Island.

Three races over two days gives the Triple in the Ripple.  Saturday, October 13 at 9:00 am is the first event.  A 4 mile loop around Orcas’s most wonderful Mountain Lake.  This mostly flat and well groomed course is fast.  Typically the weather is warm for this time of October, making a nice post race dip in Mountain Lake most refreshing.

Later on Saturday, starting at 3:00 pm is the 10K Uphill Climb.  Basically, it’s a run nice run around Cascade Lake then a straight shot up to the top of Mt. Constitution.  The highest peak in San Juan Islands.  The views are spectacular and the course nicely laid out on decent trails.  I will promise you that you might say a bad word or two, it’s that steep in part.  But fun.

Following the 10K Uphill Climb, Laura Houston, ChiRunning Coach from Seattle, will be presenting ChiRunning concepts at 5:30 – all participants are welcome to attend.  For the evening, Susanna and Jen have a fun filled night planned with food, music and just some plain good old fun with other runners; meet new friends and reacquaint with old ones.

Sunday morning, after pre-race coffee and munchies the last event begins at 8:00.  A 30K run that starts and finishes at Camp Moran, Race Headquarters.  The 30K is a multiple looped run that passes by Mt. Pickett, up to the top of Mt. Constitution and back towards Camp Moran passing Mountain Lake on the way back down.

James Varner leading the pack off the start.

Participants can choose to run any one of the three events, or, take the Monster Ripple Challenge and complete in all three races.  That’s my plan.

Besides having three opportunities to run on Orcas Island, the Triple Ripple  Festival gives runners a chance to get-away for some peace and quiet in the San Juan Islands.  Plan on camping at Moran State Park (either at Cascade or Mountain Lake) or spend the night at one of the various establishments that are providing discounts for runners.  Check out the Triple Ripplewebsite for details.

Susanna on the left and Jen on the right.