Here as some of the things happening in the Run Happy Run Far world.

  • The Roche Harbor Resort Doughnut Marathon continues to be the most visited page.  Many thanks to the link by Marathon Manics and, of course, Facebook friends for checking it out.  Remember, it’s September 16!
  • Cascade Crest 100 Miles is this weekend, meaning that as I write this at 8:16 pm (Pacific time), runners are settling in for the a night of running.  Run well and safe!
  • James Varner is having a “James’ Birthday Beer Mile” on September 5 – celebrating his birthday.  The “Beer Mile” is a race held on a track where one consumes a beer before each lap.  Should be interesting.  No beer bongs allowed.  Go James Go.
  • Speaking of James Varner and Rainshadow Running, he opened registration for two events, Deception Pass 25/50K and Mt. Spokane 25/50K.  I’m thinking Mt. Spokane.
  • Terry Sentinella and Kevin Douglas completed the Trans-Rockies this week.  From Terry’s Facebook (TR was a tough mother!!! I was not ready to run speed so soon after Badwater. The distance wasn’t an issue just moving fast! I did absolutely love the course, run a little, drink beer,eat a lot, sleep in a tent, and repeat for 6 days. Lot’s of fun!).  Good Job!
  •  The Loop 8.8 K was held on the 18th.  Results can be found here.
  • Doughnut Runs are still every Sunday.  Come join us!

As for me, this week I started training for next year’s Sun Mountain 50 Miler.  9 months of pure running joy.  Stay tuned.