I have been thinking about this race idea.  Maybe not a race, but a running event that has running for doughnuts at it’s heart.  Have your attention?

Basically the course would be to run from Friday Harbor down to, on roads, the American Camp area, turn around, run back to town then out to Roche Harbor Resort for, you guessed it, doughnuts.  Although, I don’t have the entire course laid out, I do have some ideas.  I will post the final course on this site.  On thing for sure, we will run from bottom to top of the island.  Pretty cool, huh?

Here are the particulars, that may or could and will probably change.

Date:  September 16, 2012, Sunday

Start Time:  7:00 am.  (I know it’s early but we want to get off the roads before the nice people head to church).

Entry Fee:  Zero.  Nothing.  (Donations would be accepted along with a big hug).

Support.  No aid stations (well maybe one).  Runners must carry own water, food, etc..  We will have coolers out and about, but will not be supplying cups.  Bring you own.  We will have a party zone at Roche Harbor with, you guessed it, Doughnuts!

Course:  Final course will be posted on this web site.

Entrants will be limited to 20 runners and must be approved by the selection committee.  Oh yeah, this is going to be one small marathon, but with love, it will grow.

Transportation back to town will be provided, not sure how as of yet.

How to Register?  Contact Clark by following this Link.

Coming from Off-Island?  Camping maybe available.  Contact me for more information.

Roche Harbor Doughnuts